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Meet Mrs.Brij'ette Zachary Owner of this amazing black women owned brand . Pttbleu specializes in 100% customized polymer clay and Macrame earrings. These earrings are so unique , stylish creative and affordable for all ages ! Most people are familiar with shopping for earrings and accessories at popular brands in the mall. Pttbleu is a brand you absolutely have to add to your shopping list. One year ago she was working a full time job while being a mother and realized it's time to take the leap. Entrepreneurship isnt easy but when you believe in your brand like Mrs.Brij'ette it's worth it. Instead of working part time she quit her job to pursue this endeavor while raising her children . When you shop your supporting more then just a brand but a legacy.

Patronizing black women in 2022 is very vital for our culture . According to Forbes, One of the fastest-growing demographics for entrepreneurs is black female-led ventures representing nearly 2.7 million new businesses in the U.S. . Many black women are taking business into their own hands , choosing to connect their businesses more directly to the communities they serve. The melanin market specializes in providing a platform for entrepreneurs like her to grow. Add @PTTBLEU on instagram but first add this brand to your shopping list .

The Melanin Market started in 2017; this BIPOC community based brand is committed to a creating a global space for black own brands. Connecting owners to potential clients and customers. The Melanin Market has helped many black owned brands reach their full potential . Melanin Market is coming to a city near you register now . Check out The Melanin Market at

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