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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Jazlyne Sabree creates vibrant acrylic paintings with social justice themes for cultural thought leaders. Jazlyne Sabree has her bachelors and masters in ART. She currently teaches children as a full time art teacher in New Jersey . She wants to spread healing through art and create generational health through canvas. The best way to support @Jazlynesabree is to patronize and support her website.

Art Saves lives , so many people are able to express feelings and experiences that they’re unable to put in to words. This is important when dealing with the challenges life brings us. Art allows people to channel their emotions to the benefit of themselves and others to live more fulfilled lives in many unique ways . It makes our world a better place visually, emotionally and physically. Jazlyne Sabree shows how important her journey was to becoming an artist. Many trials from childhood to adulthood didn't stop @JazlyneSabree from succeeding . Visit her website and remember you are supporting a mother , educator and talented artist . She has coloring books , merch , a podcast and paintings to add to your art collection . Visit follow @JazlyneSabree on instagram .

The Melanin Market started in 2017; this BIPOC community based brand is committed to creating a global space for black own brands. Connecting owners to potential clients and customers. The Melanin Market has helped many black owned brands reach their full potential . Melanin Market is coming to a city near you register now . Check out The Melanin Market at

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