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Floyds Double Dutch Elite - Encouraging Growth and Development in Youth Through Double Dutch!

Floyds Double Dutch Elite is an organization that aims to promote educational excellence, personal growth and development, and good health skills in our youth. Founded by Shaquannah Floyd, the organization uses double Dutch as a tool to encourage inner-city youth to reach for the stars beyond the confines of their cities.

Double Dutch, a rope jumping game that has been around for decades, has been instrumental in the personal growth and development of Shaquannah Floyd. Through Floyds Double Dutch Elite, Shaquannah aims to instill the same passion and drive in the youth of today. Floyds Double Dutch Elite is more than just a sports organization. It is a platform that encourages young people to strive for greatness beyond the boundaries of their cities. Shaquannah Floyd, the founder, has used her personal experience of using Double Dutch to build a better life for herself to inspire and motivate the youth in her community.

Double Dutch has been a saving tool for Shaquannah Floyd and countless others who have discovered the joy and transformative power of this rope jumping game. The experiences and opportunities that come with participating in double Dutch are truly breathtaking. With Floyds Double Dutch Elite, youth and adults alike can see the world and meet people from all walks of life. Competing and Traveling the World with Floyds Double Dutch Elite

Floyds Double Dutch Elite has taken its participants to places beyond their wildest dreams. Teams from the organization have traveled to cities across the United States and around the world to compete against other double Dutch teams. From Boston to South Carolina, and even as far as Japan and France, Floyds Double Dutch Elite has exposed its participants to a world of opportunities.

Participants have also had the chance to perform on TV shows and at events such as the BET Awards and for former president Barack Obama and First Lady. One of the most cherished moments for the organization was having their own TV show on Lifetime called "Jump".

Floyds Double Dutch Elite is a valuable resource for youth looking to grow, develop, and achieve their full potential. The organization instills essential values such as dedication, hard work, and teamwork in all of its participants. By providing opportunities for travel, competition, and exposure, Floyds Double Dutch Elite aims to give young people the tools they need to succeed in life.

Floyds Double Dutch Elite is more than a sports organization; it is a movement that promotes personal growth and development in youth through double Dutch. Through the organization's All Star program, travel opportunities, and exposure to different cultures and experiences, participants can achieve their full potential and strive for greatness beyond the boundaries of their cities. Floyds Double Dutch Elite is a valuable resource for young people looking to reach for the stars and become the best versions of themselves.

For All Bookings Floyds Double Dutch elite can be reached via email or contact +1 (862) 340-0624

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