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The Melanin Market  

was founded in January 2017 with the goal of bringing together Black and minority vendors in a local event to elevate their visibility, community exposure, and expand their customer base. However, it quickly evolved into a brand rapidly expanding to national markets. The Melanin Market provides a unique opportunity for both experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups to authentically connect with a customer base. This idea became an overnight success and generated a level of excitement that infused new life into not only the local south Jersey community, where The Melanin Market planted its roots, but also invigorated the spirit of entrepreneurs who were short on ideas.


  The space created by The Melanin Market has driven innovation, inspired collaboration and played an integral role in helping the Black dollar stay inter-community worldwide.

The Melanin Market®️ continues to shift the culture, as seen by its hashtag #themelaninmarket. It has inspired similar events and pop-up shops globally, from college groups to UK groups. The goal is to collaborate with organizers, business owners and upcoming start-up brands to make a change in our culture's spending habits, generations to come and overall success.


The Melanin Market has grown to a space that supports hundreds of entrepreneurs and provides thousands of customers and clients with places for them to support the type of businesses that reflect their own interests. As The Melanin Market looks to the next phase of the brand and beyond, they aim to expand into digital spaces that counter the barriers presented when physical space becomes limited. The vision is to be one of the world's leading producers and curators of Black culture, news, and products through events, digital space and services, stay tuned for the experience that The Melanin Market will be bringing right to the comfort of your home.


To function as a central, global platform for Black/Melanin minority-owned businesses, brands and consumers that: 

  • Promotes their ideas, products & services to engage new followers, supporters and gain potential lifelong customers;

  • Educates the community on the power of the Black dollar;

  • Creates spaces that encourage local, inter-community commerce; 

  • Drives creative content and enterprise;

  • Inspires impactful and engaging interactions; and 

  • Curates products, stories and culture.


Increase our spending to 97% connecting the community with quality business owners. Continue to Innovate the culture through our events on a national level. Sharing real success stories, creating a melanin marketplace for kids to learn entrepreneurship hands-on.  

The world embraces the melanin market as a platform that provides the opportunity to succeed in the world of business.

Meet The CEO


Lamar Robinson Co-Founder & CEO of The Melanin Market ™️ 

Growth Operator, Event Specialist , Philanthropist 

🌟 Lamar Robinson aka Mar Weez, CEO of The Melanin Market™️ 🌟

Lamar Robinson isn't your typical entrepreneur; he's a visionary growth operator and event specialist. Originally from Philadelphia , raised in the Pennypacker section of Willingboro, NJ, Lamar's return to Philly in 2009 marked the start of his remarkable journey as a marketing powerhouse. With over 15 years of experience orchestrating high-profile marketing events and festivals, Lamar is an esteemed authority in his field.

🔥 From Event Promoter to Community Advocate 🔥

Despite surviving traumatic encounters surviving gun violence at only 19 years old . Lamar became a passionate advocate for the youth empowering for change in his community. By 21, he was already making waves, collaborating with top-tier celebrities managing and hosting high profile album releases, fashion shows to nightclubs in Philadelphia . Lamar later extended his reach to schools, addressing critical issues like anti-violence, bullying, and peer pressure. Transitioning into professional network marketing by 25, Lamar positively impacted the lives of over 2500 families. By 27, he channeled his energy into uplifting youth and small business owners, culminating in the creation of the groundbreaking trademark brand, "The Melanin Market." This initiative aimed to address longstanding economic BIPOC injustices facing small business owners while providing a platform for entrepreneurs. 

🚀 Championing Black Entrepreneurship 🚀

Lamar's mission transcends personal success; it's about empowering communities. He founded Melanin Market®, a platform dedicated to propelling underrepresented entrepreneurs worldwide, all without relying on major sponsors.

💡 Transforming Lives Through Entrepreneurship 💡

Drawing from his firsthand experience with gun violence, Lamar emphasizes the importance of financial literacy. As CEO of Melanin Market, he imparts practical knowledge, embodying a blend of wisdom and youthful vigor to ignite unity and empowerment.

Join The Melanin Market legacy—a testament to boundless passion, empowerment, and the transformative power of change, one entrepreneur at a time.

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