Welcome to The Melanin Market ! 

The newest platform for BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES that

doesn’t just generate exposure and revenue for the small

or mainstream businesses that participate, but focuses on enhancing the way they do business and gives them the professional elements they need to function in a diverse society.  This great event will showcase some of the

greatest start up and small brands that are yet to hit

the scene of the mainstream marketplace! 


We wanted to insure this event was specific but yet

diverse at the same time which thus lead us to the

name “The Melanin Market.”

MELANIN:  any of a group of black or dark brown pigments present in

the air, skin.  MARKET:  an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods.  A meeting of people for selling  and buying



This is not the ordinary business fair or boring professional setting, this is a twist on the normal “just tables and chairs and products spread out for review” setting.  This is a NEW INTERACTIVE platform that will also allow the vendors to do live presentations of their services they may offer that aren’t tangible physical items you buy in the store.  This includes but not limited to: Artists, DJs, Shoe Repair, Spoken word, Party promoters, Life Coaches, Public Speakers and much more.



A DJ may come to vend to sell CDs and digital downloads and etc, but can also pay to showcase during one of our main attraction hours to have all the attention on them at that time to showcase the quality of service they provide. This way people can see their style and flow LIVE and in color on the spot.



To give small businesses a platform amongst their race and community to expose

their ideas, gifts and services to a mass of people to create new followers and

potential lifelong customers. To educate black customers and black business

owners on why they should keep the black dollar rotating amongst our ethnic

community as well as our local community to insure the local economy is increasing

and growing strong day by day. To produce success stories of how we as an entity

helped to enhance a small black owned business to a point where they were able

to  cross over into the mainstream corporate markets.


Experience !

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