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Melanin Market's Lamar "Mar Weez" Robinson and Kyra Brinson Launch The Business Club: A Hub for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 4

A new chapter in entrepreneurial innovation is unfolding, thanks to the dynamic duo of Lamar "Mar Weez" Robinson and Kyra Brinson.

This pair of visionaries has recently opened the doors to The Business Club, a revolutionary 5,000-square-foot coworking space and event lounge at 400 Mill Street, designed to be the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity.

A Dream Realized: The Birth of The Business Club

The journey of The Business Club began with a dream shared between two childhood friends. Lamar and Kyra envisioned a space where creativity, business, and community could intersect seamlessly. Today, that dream is a reality. The Business Club is more than just a workspace; it's a vibrant community hub where entrepreneurs can connect, create, and celebrate. Open for business weekly and open for private rental every weekend connect with us 215-701-9274

More Than Just an Office

At The Business Club, the amenities go beyond the traditional. With offerings such as virtual mailboxes and a membership program that includes access to private desks and free Wi-Fi, entrepreneurs are equipped with all the tools they need to thrive. From hosting meetings to launching podcasts, this space is tailored for the modern business person. Contact us today for more information

A Hub for Events and Workshops

The Business Club isn't just for work; it's also a place for play and learning. The space is perfect for hosting workshops, private events, and even parties. It's a versatile venue that adapts to the diverse needs of its community, whether it's for professional development or celebration.

Celebrating Success: Securing the PA Convention Center

Lamar Robinson of The Melanin Market deserves a special shoutout for securing the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the Melanin Market 2024 festival on April 13th, 2024. This event promises to be a landmark in celebrating and showcasing the vibrancy of African American culture and entrepreneurship.

A Call for Talent: Casting for the Melanin Market Fashion Show

In addition to the launch, The Business Club is hosting a casting call on January 14th for the upcoming Melanin Market Fashion Show. This is a fantastic opportunity for models and designers to showcase their talent and be a part of a significant cultural event.

2024 A Year of Promise

The collaboration between the Melanin Market and The Business Club signifies a year filled with opportunities, growth, and community engagement. This unique partnership between Lamar and Kyra Brinson symbolizes a new wave of entrepreneurial spirit, one that is inclusive, innovative, and deeply rooted in community values.

Visit The Business Club Online

To learn more about The Business Club and its range of services, visit It's time to join this thriving community and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Check out our services here

Let's Congratulate These Young Innovators

As we congratulate Lamar "Mar Weez" Robinson and Kyra Brinson on their remarkable achievements, we look forward to witnessing the impact The Business Club will have on the entrepreneurial landscape. With its unique blend of business services, event hosting capabilities, and community-driven ethos, The Business Club is poised to become a beacon of innovation and success in the Philadelphia Tri-state area and beyond.

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