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Brand Owner of Vintage Extinction EXPOSES @THEMELANINMARKET check it out .. | Melanin Movez Vlog

Exclusive Melanin Movez Vlog : OWNER OF VINTAGE EXTINCTION

Owner of Vintage Extinction is no where close to a rookie selling product for her brand. She started 12 years ago back in 2010 selling clothing out of her high school lockers to shipping nationwide. This Unisex street brand has caught a high demand online and offline . Owner of Vintage Extinction (@Callme_Sole ) is also a model , stylist and personality/influencer . She states how the demand online is just as important as the demand in person . V.E is ME "become your brand " is her message to all women entrepreneurs worldwide. Customer service is great online but in person, people can see feel and love the person behind the product. V.E owner exposes how vending is very important. within her 12+ year business journey. "Treat the Melanin Market like the super bowl , I come to Win" she states. Most business owners prepare hours before the event. Not Sole she analyzing her highest selling items weeks ahead, best deals to offer and everything she can sell she brings .

For the past 12 years the quality unisex street brand @ItsVe continues to make it's way on popular music artist, influencers , models and your neighbor fashionista's.

Vintage Extinction (@ItsVe) has so many items like Sweatsuits, Hats, T-shirts, windbreakers, sunglasses, hats and more. She also just released her own custom denim and drip collection . Follow all the brand on all platforms , most importantly order today ( ) . You can patronize this business at or follow @ItsVE on instagram and Vintage Extinction LLC on faceook.

The Melanin Market started in 2017; we are BIPOC community based brand committed to a creating a global space for black owned brands and start-ups, dedicated to connecting them to potential clients and customers. Melanin Market next event is coming up Check out more information on our website below. .Subscribe to our youtube

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