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Black Woman Owned Business Sold Out 5+ Years ! @THEMELANINMARKET | #MelaninMovez

Updated: Mar 31, 2022


Are you a black woman and keeping your business going has been hectic ? It is a good idea to receive inspiration & motivation from Shaheerah Fardan- Ali, the owner of @Mydiaryofacupcake ( ) . After finishing her entrepreneurship course from Women's Business Academy, organized by LAEDA, she continues to grow her business up till date. According to her, growing and staying in business has not being an easy one. Owning such a great business throughout the years she refused to give up. At some point in her business, she had to quit her job to devote more time to her business. Although, this might sound crazy she took a leap a faith to increase her family brand. As of today, she sells about 400 cupcakes at The Melanin Market . Everytime she vends for 5 years in a row she has sold out completely. Shaheerah's motivation seems to stem out from helping her dad baking when she was young. Also, her fighting and relentless spirit was given from her dad who always bake to give the family additional financial income. This informal business education has helped her a whole lot. As a result, at the Black Business Expo ( ) her niece who she views as a "daughter" . Was seen staying with her assisting in sales. This action might look improper, because some parents believe all they need to do is provide without involving the kids. However, Shaheerah owner of "My Diary Of A Cupcake" can be seen fanning the entrepreneurial spirit of her kid, and showing her possible means to make money and stand tall as a black woman in this world of business owners.

Conclusively, Support Shaheerah as she is growing her business for the past five years and still counting. We noticed that she is resilient in her journey to success and willing to help her children in everyday challenges. She started with supplying cupcakes for events in her community, now she supplying and available for corporate events , baby showers, schools functions , to major celebrity events too. This is just to point out that, at first, it won't to be easy at all, but keep putting efforts and you will get there with time , dedication and purpose . Follow this black women family owned growing business @Mydiaryofcupcake on Instagram and facebook is .

The Melanin Market started in 2017; this community based brand committed to a creating a global space for black own brands and since then has been committed to creating a global space for black owned brands and start-ups, connecting them to potential clients and customers. Mothers Day is Melanin Market next event on May 1st. Check out The Melanin Market at


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