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Haitian Woman Owned Business Brings Quality Headwraps @Shop.Kouronne

Owner of visits The Melanin Market for the June Expo Show Live at the Moorestown Mall . Haitian women owner takes pride in providing the #1 quality handmade wraps for women globally. The Headwraps are made by hand in Nigeria shipped to Haitian owner for packaging and distribution . This is a brand that supports women in Africa and of Haiti. She has dozens of different designs for all occasions visit .

Quality brands are rising by the day shop kouronne happens to be one of the greats. This is the 3rd Melanin Market this brand has participated in . You may see her at our next Melanin Market event taking place August.27th + August28th at The Moorestown Mall more information on themelaninmarket . If you would like to order today. Check out and follow them via instagram @Shop.Kouronne .

The Melanin Market started in 2017; this BIPOC community based brand is committed to a creating a global space for black own brands. Connecting owners to potential clients and customers. The Melanin Market has helped many black owned brands reach their full potential . Melanin Market is coming to a city near you register now . Check out The Melanin Market at


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